Our Huntington Park bail bonds office is ready to serve the people who have been arrested in and around Huntington Park, CA. Our helpful staff can be reached 24/7 by calling 323-704-4030.

We are ready to help the people who have been arrested in Huntington Park anytime of the day or night. Most people are not prepared when they or someone they know has been arrested. Most are not sure what will happen after the arrest and what they need to do. The one thing that our clients have in common is the desire to get out of jail as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is by calling us up and using the knowledge and experience that our staff has to offer.

The Huntington Park Police Department operates the Huntington Park Station Jail. This is where people who are arrested in Huntington Park, CA are taken for booking and housing. They can also be transferred to the station jail or LA County Jail at any point while in the jail’s custody. In most cases the booking process takes a few hours to complete. There is no telling how long the process will take and it depends on many factors.
Some of these factors include:

  • The type of crime that a person has been arrested for. The staffing at the station that a person is taken too. If the jail or station is understaffed, it can take longer to be processed and released on bail.
  • The number of people being detained at any one time. This could be a reason to transfer an individual and could cause delays in the processing.
  • The need to be cleared for bond. This is a step where the individual is checked for any outstanding warrants. If they do have outstanding warrants they cannot be released on bail.
  • The need of medical clearance. This is another step in the process that can be delayed due to a transfer because of a medical condition or the need for medication.

These are only a few of the things that can cause a delay in getting released. It is not always easy to predict how long the whole process will take, but our staff is able to help speed the process up as much as possible. In most cases, we are able to get an individual released in under an hour.

Huntington Park Bail Bonds Service

There are several reasons why turning to our bail service will help an individual that has been arrested. Our familiarity with the facilities and the staff of the Huntington Park Police Department allows us to help expedite the process. We know where people are held and we know what has to be done to get the release that is desired. Our staff has developed relationships with the people in the department that can help move things right along.

In order to find an individual that has been arrested all that is needed is their name. It helps to have the location where they have been taken to, their booking number, etc, but because we know the places in and around Huntington Park, that is not necessary. We will be able to find out where someone is being held and will be able to do it in a timely fashion.

Once a client has been released on bail, we will work with them to make sure they know when their court dates are and what they need to do so they do not end up back in jail.

All of our clients will have the chance to go through the legal system to clear their name or to deal with the crimes that they have been accused of committing. We make sure that we treat everyone with the respect that they need and that they deserve at what can be a very difficult time. Our staff cares what happens and wants to help make the experience something that is easier to manage. So call us as soon as you know you need bail.

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